When you want a REALTOR to sell you home you deserve:

  1. A Realtor who will guide you and help you with suggestions to better prepare yourhome to sell. We take great pride in our approach in sharing with you how to bestdo this.
  2. A Realtor who will properly price your home to see. Remember, you can askwhatever you want to sell your home, but today’s buyer has access to so muchinformation to give them an idea of the value of your home. We will guide you onyour home’s true value and will work hard to secure you the very best price to sellyour home.
  3. A Realtor who is in constant contact with you. Our philosophy here is “We are notdoing our job properly if our sellers have to call us for an update. Thruout the time we have your home on the market you will be made aware of what we are currently doing to promote your home. We take great pride in gathering feedback on all our showings of your home. As we gather feedback for you, we will promptly share this feedback with you. Remember, WE ARE ON YOUR TEAM!! Feedback is so vital to know what the buyers are looking for in your home. Our job is to promote those features to the buyer, so that they understand the value they are getting in yourhome.
  4. A Realtor who will help you prepare to have your home ready to be inspected onceyour home sells. You also deserve to have a Realtor be there for you to best represent your interest thru the inspection process.
  5. A Realtor that is ALWAYS accessible. You will always be able to reach us and can expect a call or email response promptly!!


These are just a few of the items we feel you deserve from your Realtor you have hired to sell your home. Please give us a call and let us show you our commitment to you and getting your home “SOLD”!

Here are some of our listings that you can see: (Click to see the virtual tour)

3660 Bear Creek Road in Williamson County, SOLD for $1,915,000

1847 Carters Creek Pike in Williamson County SOLD for $587,500

195 Acadia Avenue in Williamson County SOLD for $503,000