New Construction

The experience of a New Construction agent is much different from your everyday Realtor. The in-depth knowledge of Realtors that have experienced time on-site and in the field with builders in invaluable. Our team has a combined over 45 years ofexperience with new construction industry. An agent that understands the new construction industry and is familiar with the builders themselves can often help tonavigate a client through the process much easier and often allow the client to save money by making sure the client gets the best deal, the most closing costs offered and helping to make informed decisions on upgrades and options as you think about gettingthe most value inside your home and as you resale in the future.

Clients often ask us the advantage of having an agent represent them as they build a new home. There are a lot of roles we play as we help you navigate through the new construction process. We understand the pressures that builders are under and can translate what a client wants so that the builder understands exactly how to build ourclients dream home. We want to work with you to pick the best home site that fits yourneeds. The way the home faces, location within the neighborhood, the ongoing working relationships with builders, navigating the purchase through the lender and the title company, working with home inspectors, being there through walkthroughs and just talking about the value to making certain changes are just a few of the roles we play through the new construction process. We want to make sure that when the home is done and your family is moved in, there is nothing left to do except enjoy your new home!